Helen Cogan Photography | About

My first memory of having a camera was the one my grandfather won for me at an Amusement Park.  It used 110 film….I was so excited!

I just loved taking pictures. My grandmother would refer to me as the family photographer.  But life gets in the way of our lives sometimes and photography took a back seat for a few years..

Fast forward 40 years…. after my husband's death in 2009 I attended a grief and healing group. I was encouraged to do something I always wanted to do.  That was easy; photography. I was at the store the next morning and purchased a camera!

I was immediately drawn to capturing sunrise and sunsets….always looking for  Heaven where I knew my husband was. I was in awe !!

Through the lens of my camera I have seen beauty I never knew existed. My heart has become filled with gratitude. I want my viewers to experience what I feel when they look at my images… feel the warmth of a sunrise, hear the sounds of a loon, stare aimlessly at the shooting stars making their way thru the Milky Way.


I then began to ask friends  if I could photograph them.  I fell in love with the lifestyle aspect; capturing families when they are most connected... being themselves and then bringing that memory to life thru images.


There is a saying that goes something like this; find your passion in life and you have found your purpose…I have done that.. with my camera by my side…


 ~ photography that nourishes the soul ~